Helpful Websites for HIV Prevention Research information

 MTN-Microbicide Trials Network –

HPTN-HIV Prevention Trials Network –

HVTN-HIV Vaccine Trials Network –


Community Partners –

Women’s HIV Research Collaborative –

Local Organizations providing Information and Help in Prevention and Testing

Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force –

Persad –

AIDS Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania –

Getting Involved in Research as Participant

Our HIV Prevention Research Registry is now available online so that a visitor may self-consent to enroll.

Another registry to consider joining is the Research Participant Registry of the University of Pittsburgh enables you to learn about studies of all kinds that you may be interested in. You’ll be notified by email about studies in areas you are interested in – and gives you the opportunity to opt in

A place to search for open studies using key words and/or group you are interested in is the site overseen by the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Clinical Research. If you see a study you are interested in, you may contact the recruiter directly. Be advised, sometimes a study is closed but still posted as if it’s open.

And, finally, a place to look for research studies whether you are in Pittsburgh or elsewhere is a website service via the National Institutes of Health at